Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations are to be followed by all Registered Members of ITF England while operating within or directly for ITF England. This includes training, travel and attendance of the ITF European and World, Senior and Junior Tournaments.


Throughout the Rules and Regulation the following interpretations shall always apply: –
1a. ITF England International Taekwon-Do Federation of England
1b. ITF The International Taekwon-Do Federation.
1c. EITF The European International Taekwon-Do Federation.
1d. ITF Rules The Constitution, Rules, Regulations and Requirements of the ITF & EITF
1e. BTC The British Taekwon-Do Council
1f. Executive Committee The selected individuals of ITF England as elected in accordance with Article Four of the Constitution.
1g. Organisation Members Any English or UK based national body affiliated to the ITF, with Schools or Instructors operating in England.
1h. Registered Members All persons who have paid all relevant training fees and annual subscriptions for ITF England, and hold a current BTC Licence.
1i. Tenets of Taekwon-Do The received Tenets of Taekwon-Do being briefly, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit.


2a. Junior competitors must be 13 – 17 at the commence and completion of championships.
2b. Senior competitors must be 18 to 39 at the commence and completion of the championships.
2c. Veteran competitors must be at least 40 years of age at the commence and completion of the championships.
2c. You must be a registered ITF black belt, with recognised ITF Certification.
2d. You must have a current BTC Licence and membership Licence with an Organisation Member.
2e. You must attend squad-training sessions on a regular basis (At least 75%).
2f. You must participate in 2 or more ITF England recognised national championships.
2g. Must be a Registered Member of ITF England.
2h. Must be willing to obtain sufficient individual funding to cover relevant costs.


3a. All Team and Individual selections will be made by the Coaching staff, as selected in Article 4. of the Constitution.
3b. Selection will be based on i) Performance at National and International competition ii) Performance at ITF England training sessions iii) Attitude towards coaches and fellow Registered Members iv) The Registered Members demeanour and general courtesy v) Previous competition experience vi) Future expectations/prospects vii) Attainment of minimum fitness/conditioning level set by coaching staff
3c. Selection for all Tournaments will be made as far in advance as is possible of the Tournament dates, and may still be subject to change if circumstance require.


4a. All travel and accommodation for Major Tournaments will be arranged by ITF England. The Squad Members are required at all time, to travel as a group. Anyone wishing to make alternative arrangements for special reasons must inform the ITF England Manger/Coach as soon as is possible. Failure to do so will result in the Squad Member being held responsible for cancellation fees.
4b. All Squad Members will travel to major ITF Tournaments in ITF England official dress (Navy Blue Suit or Navy Blue Blazer and Grey Trousers / Skirt, White Shirt, Black Shoes and ITF England Tie). They will also wear only England embossed clothing for the duration of the competition unless told otherwise.
4c. At all meals during the duration of the Tournaments the Squad Members will eat together.
4d. All Squad Members will be punctual for all meeting times requested by the Coaching Staff. This is to include meal times, meeting points, and ‘lights out’.
4e. At the specified ‘lights out’ time, all Squad Members must be in their own rooms.
4f. All Squad Members must ensure that their next of kin contact details are up to date at the time of travel.
4g. All medical conditions must be reported to the Coaches or Team Manager as soon as possible
4h. Smoking or the consumption of alcohol before and during the Tournament is strictly forbidden
4i. All male/female relationships are to be kept to a minimum for the duration of the Tournament.
4j. All squad members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Bad language, unsportsmanlike behaviour or disrespectful attitude will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action.
4k. All squad members are expected to follow the correct etiquette and procedures of TaekwonDo, and abide by the Tenets of Taekwon-Do throughout their trip. Respect must be shown to all seniors grades at all times.


5a. Anyone found in breach of the Rules and Regulations will be subject to the following procedures: i) Issuing of a verbal warning. ii) Presentation of a written warning, this will stand for one calendar year. iii) Dismissal/deselection of the Squad Member for the Tournament and the matter will be passed to the Executive Committee for discussion and further action if required.
5b. Any Squad Members that sustains an injury or illness that will keep them from preparing or competing.
5c. Any Squad Members unable to provide/cover the necessary funding for the tournament.
5d. Anyone failing to produce proof of a valid ITF Certificate number.


6a. All Registered Members are responsible for bringing with them to both Tournament and Training correct and safe training equipment. This is to include i) ITF recognised Foot and Hand pads, 1 set blue, 1 set red ii) Groin guards for Male, Chest guards for Females iii) Gum Shields iv) Water bottle v) Towel vi) Skipping rope
6b. Squad Members travelling to Tournaments must bring with them their license, passport and certificate of degree. They must also have with them a European Heath Insurance Card.
6c. Any equipment supplied by ITF England must be treated with respect or the squad member will be held responsible for its replacement. This includes the ITF Dobok and ITF England Tracksuit.


7a. ITF England will provide help where is possible, to raise funds for Registered Members. But the emphasis will remain on the Registered Member to raise the required amount. ITF England will pay back any funding raised retrospectively.
7b. All fees and documentation are to be passed to the ITF England Manager when requested. All Cheques are to be made payable to ‘ITF England’ only.