• Children competitors must be 11 to 13 at the commencement of the championships (1st Kup to 1st Dan).
  • Junior competitors must be 14 to 17 at the commencement of the championships (1st to 3rd Dan).
  • Senior competitors must be 18 to 39 at the commencement of the championships (1st to 4th Dan for Worlds, and 1st to 6th Dan for Europeans).
  • Veteran competitors must be 40 years and over at the commencement of the championships (1st to 6th Dan).
  • You must be a registered ITF black belt, with recognised ITF Certification.
  • You must have a current BTC or similar approved insurance and membership licence with a recognised member group.
  • You must attend squad-training sessions on a regular basis (At least 75%).
  • You must participate in 2 or more ITF England recognised national championships.
  • Must be a registered member of ITF England.
  • Must be willing to obtain sufficient individual funding to cover relevant costs.

All Team and Individual selections will be made by the Coaching staff, as selected in Article 4. of the Constitution. Selection will be based on :-

  1. Performance at National and International competition
  2. Performance at ITF England training sessions
  3. Attitude towards coaches and fellow Registered Members
  4. The Registered Members demeanour and general courtesy
  5. Previous competition experience
  6. Future expectations/prospects
  7. Attainment of minimum fitness/conditioning level set by coaching staff

Selection for all Tournaments will be made as far in advance as is possible of the Tournament dates, and may still be subject to change if circumstance require